Commercial prospecting is an action aimed at finding new customers, also called prospects. But there is no ideal method for prospecting. The success of such an operation is essentially based on the ability of the marketer to approach his interlocutor, listen to him and especially ask him the right questions. To ensure the effectiveness of a commercial prospection, the biggest brands use the outsourcing solution. Let's see how outsourcing business prospecting can help your business grow.

Guarantee the profitability of prospecting

To ensure good profitability, prospecting must be done at two precise levels:

At the commercial level  – You must have a perfect mastery of current business processes to avoid missing any sales opportunity for lack of stimulus or arguments. It also allows you to better target your customers and determine those with great potential.

At the marketing level – You must also know the different customers or prospects of your database to be able to set up a targeted and convincing argumentation scheme. You will analyze and then judge the prospecting methods used according to their effectiveness. This will allow you, in another time, to establish new patterns of prospecting much more effective. This is how your company can stand apart from the price, generate more profits, and increase sales by boosting sales and consumption.

The benefits of outsourcing

If you do not have the skills to successfully market your brand, or simply to focus on your core business, there are many benefits to outsourcing.

A huge time saver: once your provider is chosen, you will not have to worry about putting a sales recruitment process, or training or managing them later. The management structures are already in place.

A wage economy: outsourcing avoids adding to the payroll of your organization and limits the risks associated with hiring (bad candidate, sick leave, maternity leave, etc.). Your prospection will remain linear.

Better control of expenses: outsourcing allows you to have a better control of your operational costs because it will offer you greater visibility on your financial investment (a great transparency of the terms of the partnership in your contract with the service provider).

An expert service: it is a perfect solution for companies that have not had the opportunity to establish a precise process. The provider has dedicated tools and will put at your disposal his experience and good practices.

A quick and efficient solution: setting up outsourcing is fast and requires only a limited budget. The ideal to support the development of your business in the best time.

An up-to-date solution: outsourcing allows you to benefit from recent material and technological skills because most service providers invest and have the opportunity to acquire high-level tools through cost-sharing.

In short, outsourcing is a good fit if you plan to focus on your core business and avoid the constraints of business development. Nevertheless, far from being a miracle solution, you will have to work closely with your service provider for good commercial efficiency. You can also opt for opening an offshore company and benefit from many advantages.

Most companies understand the value of outsourcing a particular internal process.

Important points to check

Clear offer  – Your offer (goods or services) must be clear. If you have a wide range, it may be wise to outsource the survey only part of it.

Ask yourself the ultimate question: “What are my benefits, what do I bring to my clients?” If you have difficulty answering these questions, take some time to think about them. Because the prospecting company will only amplify your initial message.

Clear target – This may be less important because the outsourcing company is used to and can help you. Selling is the action of matching an offer with a request: this request must be correctly identified.

You can also use outsourcing to clear a geographic area or a new market. In this case, the result cannot be predictable…

Mature sale

Once the prospecting outsourced, your role will be to sell. Apart from a few simple products or services, companies do not support this part. So you have to be comfortable with a prospect found by another company.

In the end, when to resort to outsourcing?

Outsourcing is a well-adapted solution if you want to refocus on your core business, and you unload the constraints of commercial development. However, it should not be seen as a solution that will do everything for you. For a good commercial efficiency, it is essential to work hand in hand with your provider. Define with him the KPIs as well as the processes, participate in the construction of the sales pitch, improve it, train him on the water on your new offers … are all ways to lead this project to success.